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My Face Is My Canvas


The workmanship is customarily considered as something drawn or painted on material, on paper, or even on dividers. For many individuals, craftsmanship is more conceptual than that. The people group of cosmetics darlings going to utilize their countenances as a material is developing continuously, and I myself joined that local area three years prior. Hello, I’m Sarina. Furthermore, I paint stuff all over.

It may appear to be inefficient to go through hours doing cosmetics all over, painting something you’re pleased with just to wash it off minutes after the fact. As far as I might be concerned, in any case, it’s helpful, and it’s an artistic expression that has propelled me more than anything.

As far as I might be concerned, it’s something that has assisted me with putting myself out there as a person. Also, last year, I utilized cosmetics to come out as sexually unbiased – which was something I never figured I might at any point do. The people group and craftsmanship drove me to be consistent with myself, and I am perpetually appreciative for having discovered this way throughout everyday life.

I trust you partake in my craft however much I appreciate making it!


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