30 photos of makeover Artist who can Transform Herself Into any celebrity

This Self-Taught Makeup Artist Transforms Herself Into Famous People And Psychedelic Creatures (57 Pics)


You won’t ever take a gander at your eyeshadow, shape, and lipstick the same way after you meet Nicky Hill—a 27-year-old cosmetics master turned SFX fascinator who makes the most trippy optical dreams and changes herself into any superstar she needs. The now-proficient cosmetics craftsman will make you take a second look at her hyper-reasonable and fairly stimulating plans and wonder about carbon copies of celebrities and film characters. Roused by her fantasies or in any event, getting thoughts while strolling down the road could clarify her craft’s dreamlike and entrancing nature.

At present over 11.8k devotees on her Instagram account, Nicky’s cosmetics realm is developing as is her creative mind. appreciate her a portion of the works and let us know your top choices.

My Face Is My Canvas

73 photos of me in different avatars.

Line V.

we made An Abstract Illusional craftsmanship Using B&W Painting