these pictures are just surface portrayals of epic experiences


However I for one, have been out of the game now for over four years, my interest in and amazement of LOVE and LOVERS has just developed through my work investigating the idea of a relationship, by means of nature itself. Painting individuals into the world discovered new domains of plausibility when it advanced into an act of confirming the establishments of solidarity past the simple impression of two individuals – to the viewpoint of being essential for the earth together.

As we continuously find, joining exclusively by means of marriage fails to impress anyone for the long street ahead. A day-to-day existence placed between two individuals, without something more prominent to zero in on, without a shared belief to remain upon, usually, closes in the partition. I accept that individuals who love each other need to remain together, and my work features the meaning of tracking down a common perspective forever, as people meeting up in the organization. It is our association with the earth, our planet, that can uphold LOVE and LOVERS.

Nature And Art Nouveau Inspired Tattoo Art

Believe it or not? My Tattoos are different than yours.

Photo Tattoo

Artist transformed Childhood pictures into tattoos.