These Big names Were Discovered Doing Horrendous Things And Got Dropped by Hollywood.

Chrissy Teigen Was, As a matter of fact, a Harasser.

Chrissy Teigen Was Admittedly a Bully

Back in 2011, a peculiar story hit the news. 16-year-old artist Courtney Stodden was wedding 51-year-old entertainer Doug Hutchison. Normally, this made individuals anxious. One of those individuals was Chrissy Teigen, who secretly informed the young lady. She wasn’t contacting help, in any case. As per Courtney: “She wouldn’t simply freely tweet about maintaining that I should lay down for a soiled rest’ but would secretly DM me and advise me to kill myself…Things like, ‘I can hardly hang tight for you to kick the bucket.

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