Cardi B Wearing a sexy handmade Porcelain attire in her video ‘UP’


At the point when I opened my post box on the twentieth of December my jaw dropped to the floor. I put forward an objective for myself last year, to have one of my ensembles be worn by any semblance of Lady Gaga or Rihanna.

I have constantly been instructed to lay out an inaccessible objective for myself, yet I never expected to be asked by the lady of the year 2020, A-rundown VIP Cardi B.

Two full-body porcelain outfits, bodice, leg pieces, stripper heels, and handpieces included.

From the Netherlands to Los Angeles, during the most active Christmas/New year delivering period ever. Both a mouth and a handful.

This would have been a test, as I previously had the experience of my ensembles being stuck in traditions for longer than a month, I needed to begin immediately.

I kept on working during Christmas and spend numerous evenings creating each piece, while my sweetheart was at that point sound snoozing. It might have cost me 10 years of my life, however, it merited each second taking a gander at the video!

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