Amber Rachdi and her Jaw-Dropping efforts

After weighing in at north of 650 pounds,Rachdi turned out to be notable to the American public when she showed up on tender loving care’s My 600-Lb Life. She battled with her weight all through her life, yet her loved ones didn’t have the foggiest idea how to help her. With the help of unbelievable specialists and her family, Rachdi became one of the best stories from the unscripted TV drama, and today she looks unrecognizable. Perceive how she made the stunning change that turned her life around and looks at the last photograph to perceive how she looks today.

1. Battling To Take off from The House

Struggling To Leave The House

Golden Rachdi experienced childhood in Troutdale, Oregon, where she knew nearly everybody in her town. In any case, a great many people just knew her as a result of her size. At only 24 years of age, Rachdi was at that point 657 pounds, which made it almost unthinkable for her to leave her home.


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