15-Most Gorgeous Weather Young TV Anchors

Other than the climate application on your telephone, there is really a more appealing method for figuring out the week-after-week gauge. From Columbia to California, lovely climate young ladies are gracing their neighborhood news stations, and they have amassed huge followings via online entertainment. The ladies have the looks, yet they likewise possess the brainpower with degrees going from broadcast news-casting to air material science. Keep perusing to perceive how these climate young ladies are turning up the intensity even on the coldest days.

Sonya Hill

Hailing from the Solitary Star State, Sonya Slope presently reports the climate in Corpus Christi, Texas, for KZTV Activity 10 News. Slope learned at Texas A&M College and afterward filled in as a weather conditions anchor and columnist for quite some time prior to finding the occupation with KZTV.

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